How Accessible is Your Paper's History?

Never before has so much information been so easily accessible. The internet has transformed how we find and consume data. Information can now be easily shared with anyone around the world. Unfortunately, a great deal of historical information is still only available by accessing paper originals or microfilm records. Gaining access to these records may require traveling to the location where they are stored, and once there, searching for the details you are after can be like searching for a needle in a haystack!

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History Meets Technology of the Future

Pigeon Archive allows users from anywhere in the world to view digital scans of your archived papers. A gorgeous and easy-to-use interface allows you to navigate through hundreds of archived issues with lightning speed, helping you to find exactly what you are looking for with ease. The built in search feature is super intelligent and features instant, on-page highlighting of the search terms. Search results can easily be filtered or limited between specific dates, ensuring you find precisely what you are after.

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Try out the Pigeon Archive demo here.

Who is Pigeon Archive For?

Pigeon Archive was originally created to help online newspapers protect their archive and provide new revenue streams. However, Pigeon’s power goes far beyond just newspapers and is a great match for any content publisher that has created or currently creates a print product that needs to be digitized and searchable. Pigeon works great for many scenarios including…

  • Newspapers

  • Magazines

  • Counties

    (Will Books, Marriage Certificates, Minutes)

  • Lawyers

  • Educational Resources

Great for eEdition too!

Pigeon Archive is an excellent option for presenting your eEdition. Present your current print editions in an easy-to-read format along side your website and archive.

Bonus - Seamless Paywall Integration!

Pigeon Archive is an extension of our popular Pigeon Paywall plugin. This means you can also have immediate access to all the great features of our super secure paywall system. If enabled, you can restrict access to your archive to only users with a paid access pass. You can also use the super flexible paywall system throughout the rest of your website! Some of the paywall features include:

  • Seamless integration with your existing website and CMS.
  • Straight-forward login process for existing subscribers.
  • Simplified and beautiful sign-up process for new subscribers.
  • Streamlined account management for existing subscribers.
  • Access can be purchased by subscribers from around the world.
  • A beautiful admin interface for managing customers.
  • Payments processed in minutes and deposited directly to your account.
  • Learn more about the paywall at

Pricing Structure & Getting Started

Getting started is easy. We require a one-time setup fee to integrate the system and import your current archive. After that initial setup, Pigeon is billed on a monthly basis, with no long-term contracts. Your data remains completely yours.

  • 1. Setup & Import

    The following prices adjust down for large archive volumes. Contact us for a quote.

    There's a one-time fee to setup Pigeon Archive on your site with an initial import of your archives. This setup also includes integrating the Braintree payment gateway to handle online transactions.

    We've teamed up with Tattnall Printing to scan and convert your paper and microfilm archives into a digital format we can use. They will come on site and securely transport, process, and return your valuable archives.

    • Setup and initial import - $1,500 (up to 150 reels)
    • Archive transportation (cost depends on your location)
    • Scan Microfilm - Starting at $70 per reel and 7¢ per frame (one-up or two-up)
    • Scan Paper - Starting at 35¢ per page
  • 2. Hosting & Support

    After initial setup, a monthly fee covers the recurring costs of maintaining the hosting servers.

    • Monthly support fee - $150
    • Storage - 15¢ per GB
    • Bandwidth - 20¢ per GB
    • Transactions - 10%

Contact Us to Get Started

If you are eager to implement Pigeon into your site, or if you still have some questions you’d like to discuss with our team, send us a message and we’ll swiftly get back to you.


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